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09:00 Southend History – Southend In War by Chris Izod

This is an amazing record of the arrival of war to Southend-on-Sea, Chris Izod’s film combines archive footage from Southend during the World War 2 period with documents and interviews with Comedian Michael Bentine, Actress Peggy Mount, local people who remember the first Air Raid on Southend in WW2 and facts and figures of the time.


10:00 Southend Art - Redacted Art – Chris Ruston

There are some wonderful artists in Southend-on-Sea and this is an example of a technique that could be tried at home with an old book or any sheet of text. Chris Ruston is a Book Artist from Southend and she takes us through this wonderful creative technique.


1100 HMS Leigh Stories - Fred Feather

Fred Feather was a child during World War 2 and has some great memories of VE-Day, “On V. E. Day I was with my mother, who ran the bar at the local Social Club. There was a silence at 11am and I remember asking if the war was over.”


1130 – Southend Charities – Essex Society for Family History

The ESFH aims to promote and encourage the public study of British Family History , genealogy, heraldry, and local history with particular reference to Essex and to promote the preservation and accessibility of archive material. The Southend Branch hold meetings on the first Saturday of each month except August, beginning at 1430. The ESFH are a wonderful organisation and the things they find out can be both amazing and quite startling!


1200 Southend Music - Dennis Evans

Our pianist is Dennis Evans, he’s 84 still plays the piano for the Sunday services at the Salvation Army in Southend. Dennis was born in Wales and came to Shoeburyness to do his National Service with the Royal Artillery at the Garrison. The filming has been done by his wife, Margaret Evans, who met Dennis while he was doing his National Service with the Royal Artillery. They got married and move to Wales, to return in 1965 when Dennis got a job working for the Gilson family in their fishing business where the boats were moored next Southend Pier. Later in life, Dennis was Head of Music at Westcliff High School for Boys. 


1230 – HMS Leigh Activities – let’s do some colouring

If you think that your child would enjoy colouring in a Spitfire or perhaps an American Soldier, then we hope they like these designs that are easy to download and print, just click the picture for a PDF.


Annotation 2020-04-08 091620.png

1300 Digby Fairweather Quartet

This is slightly different as it’s Digby playing as a quartet rather than Septet. From the Tunbridge Wells Jazz Club it shows why they are considered one of the most talented and versatile Jazz bands around. (please note, the video fades to black at 8’00’’ but continues in black to 10’28’’)


1330 Southend Charities – UK Jazz Centre – Beecroft Gallery

Before the lockdown, the HMS Leigh Team visited the Jazz Centre UK and were taken on a tour of this amazing treasure trove in the heart of Southend. We could have spent the entire day looking through the memorabilia and listening to their collection of thousands of tracks from 78s to CDs. According to the Jazz Centre website, Digby Fairweather opened The Jazz Centre UK in 2016.  It was his dream to ensure the past, present, and future of Jazz music in the UK has a sturdy foundation. With a strong band of trustees and the support of Southend Borough Council, the Centre’s first heritage exhibition opened in February at the Beecroft Art Gallery; establishing the brand and foundation of the charity. Through grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund, working with local businesses, charities and public support they have managed to expand their premises year on year.


1400 HMS Leigh Music – Post War Blues - Dan Deacon

The Blues is an ever evolving art form with innovation and experimentation driving the developments that led to R&B and Rock & Roll. This track by Dan Deacon is an example of the progress of Blues past the end of the war and into the 50s, 60s and beyond.


1500 Southend History - Southend Pier History – Chris Izod talking to Peggy Dowie

The history of Southend Pier is unique. Not only is it the longest pleasure pier in the world, it has the most amazing history covering 190 years of war, peace, collisions, bombs and of course, HMS Leigh. Chris Izod talks to the founder of the Southend Pier Museum foundation, Peggy Dowie.


1530 – Southend Charities - Southend Pier Museum

Located under the Southend Pier Northern Railway Station, the Southend Pier Museum was formed in 1982 and officially opened in 1989 to, “preserve the history of Southend Pier and provide visitors with information on why it was built, how it has changed, its important role during two world wars, survived disasters, and continued to provide pleasure for many generations. The Pier is part of our cultural and sociological heritage and we are working to preserve and conserve those reminders of happy days at the seaside.” Some time ago the museum issued a set of postcards showing images from the pier’s history, including this Toast Rack Train from 1922.

1600 – Southend Charities - RNLI – Southend Lifeboats rescue stranded family

There are many dangers on the beaches of Southend, and one that can happen very quickly without you even noticing is being cut off by the fast moving tide if you are on a high sand bank. This family was caught unaware while looking at the wreck of the WW2 Mulberry Harbour section East of Southend Pier and Southend RNLI came to the rescue.


1630 Southend Charities – Southend Lifeboat history and funding – Tony Clarke

The RNLI has been saving lives off of Southend-on-Sea and up and down the Thames since 1879, when it was launched by a team of horses. Since then the lifeboats have worked 365 days a year, through every weather and the Greater London was one of the 19 lifeboats which went to Dunkirk in 1940. Today there are 2 lifeboats, one Hovercraft stationed under the base of the pier and the Inshore Lifeboat launching from the Boathouse that was officially opened in July 2013. The RNLI is supported solely by public donation, so if we want people to be rescued, we need to keep supporting them.  Please donate if you can.


1700 Southend History - Bygone Years – Southend on the sea

Thanks to the work of local historian and film maker, Chris Taylor, we are able to glimpse how people used to work and play on the Estuary. 

1800 – Josh Winiberg Concert

JOSH WINIBERG is a pianist, composer and producer who specialises in soundtracks, having composed for a variety of media such as video games, contemporary dance productions, theatre performances, trailers, and award winning short films, with screenings at festivals internationally including Cannes. This performance features material from Josh's 2017 album Change, featuring Alex Milne on guitars and bass, and Bergersen Quartet on strings. Local violin/viola virtuoso Elisa Bergersen joins Josh for this concert.

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Thank you all for joining us today, we hope to see you for tomorrows event 

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