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Home Learning

HMS Leigh: Guardian of the Thames is a project that aims to be as inclusive as possible.  There are many young people and their families who learn at home and we wanted to make sure that they were aware that their involvement would be very welcome to the HMS Leigh Team.   

Due to the pandemic, almost every young person who was attending school has joined the home schooling ranks. It is currently a time of transition back to school, but there is great uncertainty in the way forward because the virus is still a threat to us all.  As It likely there may still be many more children learning at home in the coming months than usual, the project team would like to support children’s education at home, whether this is a temporary or permanent measure.  Home learning can be challenging, and the HMS Leigh Team recognise that Home Educators and Learners deserve as many resources as possible to help this process.  We also want all young people and their families to be aware that they are important to the success of this project. 

The HMS Leigh Team would be grateful if any experienced Home Educators would be willing to help us tailor these materials for Home Learners.  If anyone would like further information about any of the subjects regarding the HMS Leigh - Guardian of the Thames project then please contact us at and we will do what we can to help.   

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