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VE-75 Day Make Do and Mend Street Party! 

Friday 8 May 2020 is the 75th anniversary of VE Day. VE Day - or 'Victory in Europe Day' marks the day, towards the end of World War 2, when fighting against Nazi Germany in Europe came to an end in 1945.

On this day, 75 years ago, thousands of street parties were held to celebrate the end of the war – with many communities coming together and breathing a huge sigh of relief.

We can still come together to celebrate VE-75 in your own home and gardens! Here are some fun ideas that you and your household can do. Please don’t forget to follow Southend Borough Councils advice on social distancing here:

Don’t forget to take videos or photos of what you are doing and tag our HMS Leigh Facebook page! We want to be able to show our community being together wherever possible.

Red, white, and blue

Decorate your homes inside and out with any colours that you have!   

  • You could draw VE-75 with coloured chalk on your driveway or path

  • You could draw pictures with red, white, and blue colouring pens or pencils and put up in your window

  • Can even put up your own Union Jack flag (if you have one)

Make your own bunting to hang up at home

Our very own Alison Ward shows you how to make your own bunting here (include link to the video).

Don’t worry if you don’t have anything red, white, or blue – newspaper will do!  All colours are welcome and if you can make your decorations from your recycling, even better!  We would love to see your most innovative use of recycling like this

Annotation 2020-04-08 091620.png


If the weather is as good as it has been, with bright sunny skies, why not make yourself a picnic with your household to eat out in your garden (if you have one).  You can use whatever you have in your cupboards – we love sandwiches, pies, Scotch eggs, sausage rolls, and chicken drumsticks! You could even buy some spam and have some spam sandwiches to have a taste!?

In the spirit of Make Do and Mend - if it is raining, you can still have an indoor picnic somewhere in your house too.

3:00pm: Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of World War 2

Join the rest of the nation in the ‘Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of WW2’ at 3.00pm.

Make sure you do this within the boundaries of your own home, or garden, and are a minimum of 2 meters away from anyone not in your household! Raise a glass of the drink of your choosing (Bovril, tea, lemonade, or something stronger if you are an adult) and belt out as loud as you can the following Toast:

“To those who gave so much, we thank you,”

It is a great way to come together as a community and pay tribute to the many millions at home and abroad that gave so much to ensure we all enjoy and share the freedom we have today.

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