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Orazio Tiani was Italian and lived in the UK for most of his life but as the war started he was seen as a threat by the government.

Place and date of birth


Lived in Southend-on-Sea

Connection to Southend 



Orazio and Mariantonia Tiani were born in a small village in Italy called Settefrati. They moved to 239 North Road in 1905 where they ran a sweet shop and Orazio, whom everyone called Harry, made ice cream. He must have been a familiar face in Southend during this period as he went around the streets in a horse and cart selling his ice cream. The Tianis had seven children.

Two of their sons, Antonio and Fillipi died of tuberculosis and were buried at North Road Burial Ground. Antonio died aged 9 (his grave reference is unknown) on the 12th July 1908. His brother Fillipi died aged 25 in 1919 and Mariantonia, their mother died in 1928 aged 67. Tragically, when the Second World War broke out Orazio, still an Italian national, was interned in a prisoner of war camp. Despite having lived the UK for most of his long life and being in his late 70s he was still considered a risk by the British Government. He died in 1943 at the age of 80 in Ely, Cambridgeshire. However, his body was brought back to Southend so that he could be buried with his wife and sons in North Road.

Given to us by Tina King

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